I was born in West Sussex in the leafy Weald of Southern England. I studied Art and Design at Reigate School of Art and Design, Silversmithing at Medway College of Design and Three Dimensional Design (Metals) at West Surrey College of Art and Design.

After Graduating I worked as a model and prop maker before a drastic change of direction led to a career in the financial hub of the City of London. Whilst working in the City I used my spare time to develop my artistic skills and build up a body of work.>

My visual and written work has appeared in a variety of publications and I’ve been involved on the editorial side of several magazines. I’m a regular artist for Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club having drawn the Gully comic strip for the past decade.

I currently work from my studio in Central London.

Much of my work celebrates quirky twists on themes and stories. Many of the paintings are set just outside of the known part of a story... the lull before the once upon a time or the long drag of the happy ever after.

Just because there is no historical mention of a fourth Wise Man it doesn’t mean there never was one... wouldn’t the Lords have needed to limber up before such a rigorous leaping?

The 3-D works tends to be more rooted in reality and are often accurate representations of real buildings, vehicles or figures etc made with a meticulous attention to detail and historical accuracy.

My influences are wide and varied and give me something to aspire to. They include the likes of Roland Emett, Vivian Stanshall, Heath Robinson, Robert Crumb, Hans Holbein, John Currin, David Lee Roth, Dali, Jean Paul Goude, Railway Posters, Monty Python and of course the full blown Baroque...

My other great passions are history, stories, football, steam engines, quirky architecture, real ale, odd films, eclectic music, good design and classic gentlemen’s clothing.